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"You don't know how much I miss you all."


"I'll get down off the mountain for a while... for you guys."
[Close Friends]


"...Thanks for coming to the mountain to visit me."




"...Hello there..."


"Pikachu. Thunderbolt them so they won't be able to sit down."



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Level 88 - Moves > Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt - Male - Static - Light Ball

Pikachu was caught in Viridian Forest after much searching. Fire wanted to have a Pikachu like his brother, however, the Pikachu is one of the reasons he's seen as nothing more than a replacement for his brother, even though Fire knows he's not.

Level 80 - Moves > Blizzard, Brine, Body Slam, Psychic - Male - Shell Armor - Sitrus Berry

Lapras is the only species that is different from the Pokemon on Red's team. Lapras was received from Silph Co by the Silph Worker who wanted help most desperately, after Fire defeated Green in Silph.

Level 82 - Moves > Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Crunch, Giga Impact - Male - Thick Fat - Quick Claw

This Snorlax was one of 2 Snorlax awoken on Routes 12 and 16. Fire caught it due to its surprising strength and HP.

Level 84 - Moves > Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Frenzy Plant - Male - Overgrow - White Herb

Venusaur was one of the two rare starter Pokemon abandoned by their original trainers. Fire, feeling sorry for both it and the Squirtle, now Blastoise, took it in and raised it.

Level 84 - Moves > Focus Blast, Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Hydro Cannon - Male - Torrent - Choice Scarf

Blastoise was the other starter taken in and raised by Fire due to being abandoned by his abusive trainer. He was in a far worse state than Venusaur was, and still has scars from his beatings.

Level 90 - Moves > Flare Blitz, Blast Burn, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse - Male - Blaze - Focus Sash

Charizard was Fire's first Pokemon, received by Professor Oak, the guy who couldn't determine his or his sister's gender, MIXING THEM BOTH UP ASDF-- and didn't care enough to remember Green's name. Anyway, Charizard is Fire's best friend, and the one who keeps him warm on Mt. Silver. Charizard is also often the last Pokemon sent into battle.

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I already know I'm not him...

Fire was born and raised in Pallet Town, along with his older brother Red and his younger twin sister Leaf. Red headed out like other trainers did when he was ten, and both Fire and Leaf couldn't wait for the day when they could go out on a journey.
Fire always watched on the television about his older brother's achievements. He was especially excited when Red became the youngest champion of Kanto.
Then one day, his older brother mysteriously disappeared...

Both Fire and Leaf were 5 when Red left to become the champion. Five years later, the two left on their own journey.
Red's rival, Green, had returned to restart his journey. The world almost seemed to restart when Red disappeared and Green had given his gym leader position back to Giovanni, so his journey could be similar to the one he shared with Red.
Leaf started her journey with Bulbasaur. Fire started with Charmander. And as such, Green was left with the final Pokemon, in this case, Squirtle, which was quite unlike the Eevee Green had for his journey against Red.
Throughout his journey, Fire was criticized for seeming too much like his older brother, and replacing him after his disappearance. Fire tried to argue, saying he was Red's younger brother, and that he wanted to find Red, not replace him.

Fire went through pretty much the same journey his older brother did, the exact same problems had to be solved and the exact same battles had to be fought. However, Fire didn't do it alone, unlike Red. The entire time, Leaf was helping her twin with the hardships. Both Leaf and Fire were recognized as powerful trainers... and both Leaf and Fire gave their champion role back to Lance. Leaf went to continue being a traveling trainer, and Fire never heard from her again.
Fire took a different path, looking for his brother. He went to Mt. Silver to find Red. He had no luck. He headed to the summit to look for his brother, to no avail, due to Red being in a hidden cave in Mt. Silver. Fire did not get down from the mountain. He trained there, and searched for his brother. Even now, that's all he wants.


~ He's been on the mountain for a long time... 7 years, to be exact.
~ Fire is now relatively quiet. But he speaks up when the topic is about Red, or Leaf.
~ He's sick of being told he's just a replacement of Red... when he knows he isn't.
~ He's close with Leaf. That's to be expected as she's his twin.
~ Fire also likes to protect Leaf, due to her being the younger sister.
~ Fire is not sure whether Red is dead or alive.
~ He, like Red, gained all the starters. But he received them all after they were abandoned by their previous trainers.
~ He loves all his Pokemon dearly and equally.
~ He likes it when Kotone, Hibiki and Green come to the harsh climates of Mt. Silver just to visit him.
~ He doesn't like it though how they climb the mountain with the harsh and cold weather for him.
~ Fire loves to battle.
~ He refuses to believe Red is dead.
~ He loves spending time on the mountain.
~ He's used to the weather on the mountain, thus he never gets sick, or feels the cold.
~ Because of this, Fire is only able to handle winter or extremely cold days on the base of the mountain. Even then, it feels like summer to him.
~ Fire would overheat if he left the mountain in summer.
~ He has never found the secret cave his brother resides in.
~ The secret cave has been blocked off by rocks, so only Red can get out or in, and only if he wants to. These rocks are like a door to Red.
~ It's windy on the summit, and sometimes Fire's Pikachu's Pokeball blows away. This only happens if the wind is harsh enough. When this happens, Fire sends Charizard to recollect it.
~ Since Fire is 17, and Red is five years older, that makes Red 22. Every time Fire thinks about that, he thinks about all the 12 years he hasn't seen or talked to his older brother.


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